With the emergence in popularity of the Freedom Equity Group, most people who are hearing about it for the first time (and wanting to learn more) are setting out to perform their due diligence on the company.

And while Freedom Equity Group is a perfectly legitimate company with a sound business model, those individuals conducting research on any business in general will usually take to the internet and do a search on a company to see if there is any information available that may cast that particular business in a negative light.

As will be evident to anyone who is looking into this company, they’ll find that Freedom Equity Group is not a scam, but rather a perfectly legitimate business.

Unlike other IMOs in existence today, Freedom Equity Group actually possesses a sound business model with competent leadership, which is why they’ve been very successful since their inception in 2002.

The problems with these other types of insurance IMO’s that expect you to recruit others almost always suffer high attrition rates.

Consequently, the success rate for agents is usually very low, although Freedom Equity Group is a pleasant exception.

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